Products for High Security Networks

Arbit offers a complete range of products which solves all the technical problems of operating in an air-gapped network environment.
Our products are accredited Common Criteria to EAL 5+ with the highest level of Threat Assessment (AVA_VAN.5) as well as meets the ISO-15408 requirements.

Data Import

The Arbit Data Diode moves data from an insecure network to a secure network ensuring that no data is able to flow back. This is handles by the physical principle of the data diode.


Arbit Data Diode



• Physical one-way connection
• Single fiber-optic cable
• CC EAL 5+ certified hardware
• Highly stable connection
• Transaction safe

Data Export

The Arbit TRUST Gateway moves released, verified and content checked data from a secure network to an insecure network. It protects both the secure network and the verification systems by using data diode technology.


Arbit TRUST Gateway



• Source system verification
• Content verification
• Based on data diode technology
• Manual release supported
• CC EAL 5+ certified hardware