Security Products Add-onsArbit offers several add-ons for our products. Some add-ons are compatible with both the Arbit Data Diode and the Arbit TRUST Gateway. Others are targeted a specific product.

Multi Virus Scanning

All products are able to integrate with OPSWAT Metadefender Core – a powerful multi-scanning application with is capable of scanning all traffic using up to 30 commercial anti-virus engines in parallel.
The Arbit Data Diode also is able to integrate with OPSWAT Metadefender thereby automating the secure transfer of files from the MetaDefender kiosk to the secure network.

File type filter

This filter is able to determine the true file types of files moving through the system. It is possible to setup either white or black lists which filter the traffic.

Mirror File System

This add-on enables seamless mirroring of files and directories from one network to another network. All changes to the files or directories on the source network are automatically applied on the receiving network. The receiving network is read-only.

Manual Release (Arbit TRUST Gateway only)

When building a release solution using the Arbit TRUST Gateway it might be required or desired to have all (or some) of the traffic viewed and approved by two key release. All releasing officers will be able to see all verification results as well as the content of each transaction. After the manual inspection of the transaction, the operator is requested to either release or reject the transaction.