Arbit TRUST Gateway

No need to rely on manual processes which may circumvent security procedures due to busy operating hours, crisis or even malicious intent. The ATG checks that all data originates from an approved data source on the secure network. No rouge process or system is able to send data through or even piggyback information on approved transactions.

The ATG acts like a secure platform, where several COTS or custom checks can be performed.

One of the primary security features of the ATG is that it is based on the robust Arbit Data Diode technology. The ATG has two Arbit Data Diodes built-in. They are connected in serial, creating an isolated VOID network which is not accessible from the low side, and only accessible from the high side through a diode. This protects the VOID network against all attacks from the low side and from interactive attacks from the high side. All configuration and program code handling the VOID network is stored read-only so that it is impossible for an attack to change the system in any way. Rebooting the system is guaranteed to restore the approved configuration and the Arbit certified program code.

Key points
Replaces non-secure manual procedures for releasing data using USB or similar devices
Based on a single deployable unit (excluding additional checkers and audit logs)
Proven transmission stability using the Arbit Data Diode technology
Integrates into existing company infrastructure