Arbit TRUST Gateway – Hardware

The Arbit TRUST Gateway is separated into three isolated zones, HIGH, VOID and LOW. A single fiber-optic cable connects from HIGH to VOID and another single fiber-optic cable connects from VOID to LOW. No other connections between the zones exist. Each zone can be TEMPESTED according the NATO regulations SDIP-27 Level A.

Isolating the VOID network using data diode technology creates a secure zone where content and signature checks as well as external checks can be performed without risk of interactive attacks from the HIGH side network. The LOW side network is not able to access the VOID (or HIGH) network at all due to the single fiber connection.

It’s a diskless system, preventing modifications to the approved configuration. It forms a secure platform for building your information verification and release solution.

Adding audit log, content checkers, manual release and multi-scanning by OPSWAT Metadefender Core adds more enclosures to the complete solution. However, all external systems added will be tightly controlled by the Arbit TRUST Gateway.