Arbit Data Diode

The Arbit Data Diode is a physical data diode that eliminates the threat of remote data stealing by
establishing a physically secure one-way connection with a single fiber-optic cable. The transmission is handled by two dedicated servers.

The sending server is called a pitcher and the receiving server is called a catcher. No data can be transported from the receiving network to the transmitting network. Therefore, the Arbit Data Diode is just as safe as manual data transfer, but offers the same convenience as a normal network connection.

Key points
Full integration with OPSWAT Metadefender Core for multi-scanning with up to 30 commercial antivirus engines
The Arbit Data Diode is a 100% secure physical data diode
Proven stability
User friendly web interface
Integrates with Microsoft server solutions
Quick installation and configuration
Powerful add-ons to control content moving through the diode