Arbit Data Diode

Running air-gapped networks provides high security for your information or industrial systems. However, it also presents several challenges to daily operations. Information from other networks are required on a regular basis – texts, pictures, updates, instructions etc. Moving this data into the secure network is often a manual process which is time consuming, slow and prone to human errors. It might also present an unintended two-way communication channel from the secure network to the insecure network.

The Arbit Data Diode solves these issues by creating a physically secure one-way communication channel from the insecure network to the secure network. This channel cannot be reversed in any way since its basic principle builds on the laws of physics.

The Arbit Data Diode supports a full range of business use-cases including the following:

Use Cases

Anti-virus updates
Mail transfer
Mirror File Structure
Securing / centralizing backup data
Securing / centralizing log data
Simple file transfer
Software repositories
Streaming (video, audio)
Time synchronization
User initiated file transfers
Windows server update services (WSUS)

In addition to the above functions, the Arbit Data Diode has an open API which enables customers and third parties to extent the capabilities of the data diode. This makes the Arbit Data Diode among the most flexible data diode solutions available.

Being a partner of the industry leading multiscanning company, OPSWAT, all Arbit products, including the Arbit Data Diode, integrates seamlessly with OPSWATs range of products like Metadefender and Metadefender Kiosk. This ensure that all data moving through the data diode is threat free and allows you to build file transport infrastructure using products like Secure File Transfer and still have the benefit of Arbits secure one-way technology.

Firewall Antivirus Data Diode
100% protection against data theft No No Yes
100% protection against hackers No No Yes
Secure one-way connection No No Yes
Protected by laws of physics No No Yes
Automatic threat & content scanning using OPSWAT Metadefender Core No No Yes