Mail transfer

Use case

Working in classified areas and maybe on a separated network has many security advantages but in most cases, it means adding work to the end user. We do not fight the security issue at all, but we might help you saving time.

Separated networks means that most mail communication must take place on other networks. You spend time leaving your workspace to log on to one or more networks to check if you have mail – an inefficient and time-consuming procedure. Why not having one or more Arbit Data Diodes transferring al mails to one network?

We will be able to transfer all your mails to one or more separated mail accounts on the high side automatically, and now you know, if you got mail. In this simple setup you cannot reply on mails but together with the Arbit Trust Gateway a full Cross Domain Solution can be established.

As we work with military as well as police we know this issue very well and we have helped more organizations simplifying their mail flow. In military and Intelligence organizations it is not unrealistic that one analyst have 5-8 different mail accounts on national, partner and NATO networks.

Arbit Security partners with OPSWAT. OPSWAT Meta Defender can be added as an integrated part of your mail transfer – offering multiple scanning engines and data sanitization. All together it ensures a safe and reliable mail transfer between your networks.