Simple file transfer

Use case

The most used function among our customers is file transfer between separated networks. Therefore, this function is offered by most vendors, but we take it a little further.

The EAL 5+ accredited Arbit Data Diode will transfer from an unlimited number of folders and will even look for files to be transferred in “depth” of a folder structure.

As an extra feature diode transfers can be prioritized against others on folder level. Therefore, if you have an urgent flow that must be handled before other flows you should have one data channel setup for this folder as data transfer will start as soon as a file occurs in the folder. (The Arbit Data Diode has no limit on number of channels)

Arbit Security partners with OPSWAT and OPSWAT Meta Defender is offered and can be added as an integrated part of your transfer – both using multiple scanning engines and data sanitization. All together it ensures a safe and reliable data transfer between your networks.