Arbit TRUST Gateway

If you have highly secure or isolated networks in your organization, you know the challenge of releasing data from the secure network. The answer to this problem is the Arbit TRUST Gateway.

Moving data into a secure network is easily handled by the Arbit Data Diode. However, when data is required to leave a secret network, numerous manual checks and procedures must be performed and obeyed. Often this export is done using USB-sticks or similar devices with all the inherent security risks.

The Arbit TRUST Gateway addresses all the communication security risks involved in releasing data and makes this critical communication as safe as possible.

The Arbit TRUST Gateway supports a full range of business use-cases including the following:

Use Cases

Appointment of releasers
Releasing officer / clearing officer
Automatic release
Virus Scan
File Type Filter (FFT)
Add other filters
Authentication of release identity
Customizing your data release

How Does it Work?

The ATG uses signing technology in order to securely identify the source of the released data. Only approved source systems or individuals are able to sign data which is then allowed to pass through the gateway.

The ATG is based on Arbit Data Diode technology. This protects against attacks from the receiving side as well as the sending side. In addition, the system is based on hardened Linux installations running on a diskless system.

The ATG is able to perform several content checks, including checks developed by Arbit as well as custom made checks by utilizing our Open API.

Avoids two way connection when releasing data No Yes Yes
Verifies source of released data No No Yes
Verifies data content according to security policy No No Yes
Ensures release work-flow policy is upheld 24×7 No No Yes
Low latency in release of data No No Yes
Automatic threat & content scanning using OPSWAT Metadefender Core No No Yes